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Symptom of Symptoms Caused by Feet Appearing on The Feet

Symptom of symptoms caused by feet appearing on the feet
By the way, most people can not do anything more than helping people to walk, but surprisingly, your feet tell you more about physical health. This can cause you serious illness such as heart diseases and diabetes. Just before showing a doctor about it, you should just understand these symptoms.
Then look at your feet and see what your feet are showing to you.

Such a wound is not going well
It may be a diabetic sign. According to medical research reports, outside the control, glucose levels damage the nerve and the circulation of blood affects blood, which can not reach the feet. If there is any kind of injury in the feet during this period, he does not get it properly. According to medical experts, most people diagnose diabetes diagnosis.

Dry and frosted skin

This may be a sign of problems in the potentially Thai Ride (glands near the respiratory tract), especially when taking care of moisture moisture is also inauspicious. When there is a problem with Thai Radioscope, it is unable to prepare Thai Radi Hormones that work for metabolic rates, blood pressure, muscle development and nervous system etc. According to a medical research, due to the Thai-based problems, the skin becomes very dry, especially the feet of the feet begin to burst, and it is beneficial to turn the doctor back when the situation improves.

Hair disappeared from the nails
If the available hair on the toes of the feet is missing, it may be a sign of blood vessels because it indicates poor blood circulation. If this happens, hair growth decreases in the feet.

Thumb throat
This is an indication of poor diet use because the effects of what you eat are on thumb joints. The part found in red meat, fish, and alcohol etc. increases the amount of urine acid in the body, resulting in a thumb swollen on Monday which causes a lot of discomfort.

Red lines on the toe nails
It may be a heart attack infection. According to the physicians, the effects of damage to blood cells appear in the nails of the feet. This occurs when the nails below the nails damage the blood blockages and it indicates the infection in the heart’s internal system. This infection can cause heart failure.

Look at the straight line below the nail surface
A deep and vertical line within the nail of the foot may be a sign of cancer. It can be a black line that is aligned to the end of the nails. In case of this, the doctor should be shown to know if this is not a fungus.

The nails of the nails change
It may be a sign of blood loss or early illness. Nails or fingers of spoon composition indicate the lack of iron in the body, and sometimes it may also be a sign of early diseases that can attack the body’s immunity cells.

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