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If Sleep is Less Than 6 Hours

If sleep is less than 6 hours
Maybe you’re a man who is very busy in the office or it’s possible that you are a mother and caring for a nominee, or it might be too busy in life’s life, because of sleep Do not happen,
There are hundreds of specifications that can help you to ensure that 7 to 8 hours of sleep can not be taken. But here are some reasons why it is helpful to explain why it is necessary to take full sleep every night. , And how to change your life to not take full sleep.

Quick anger:
A research has revealed that sleep deficiency affects the brain’s emotional centers so that they become more than 60% more active. In simple words, these centers prevent your emotions from being processed and in proper condition according to circumstances, causing anger on many things soon.

To be cheap in matters of life:
If you are accustomed to sleeping for less than 6 hours or less everyday, then mental brain will also slow down, which has been confirmed in many investigations. This habitat not only affects the memory but also has the ability to concentrate, which leads to difficulties in making other decisions.

Present view:
Suitable for facial beauty is very important and dark circles and face around the eyes without sleep is common, but in a research it has also been reported that the shortage of sleep decreases your skin faster Pumps, due to the excessive release of hormone cortexol in the body, and the excess of it allows skin and fatty protein colagin to work quickly.

Eating more or less from hunger:
If you are awake at the time of sleeping, the number of homemade hormones that tells you about hunger increases, while the feeling of stomach accepts the level of hormone lipin and thus you are much more Eats more than hunger and excessive.

Waste waste:
If you buy goods after buying and repeating later, it may also be a lack of sleep. The part of the brain that serves anxiety is called pre-front cortex and it greatly affects sleep loss, resulting in strengthening decisions, and people start taking steps without feeling the results.

Be more ill
One recent study has shown that those who sleep less than six six hours, the risk of prolonged obesity is 4 times higher than those who take sleep. So if you are more victim of this disease in a particular season, the easiest way to prevent sleep is to prevent it.

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