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Cakeum Compounds The Baking Of the Food?

Cakeum compounds the baking of the food?
f you start eating less, will the stomach shrink so that it may be less tolerant than food? Maybe you have heard that reducing your diet reduces the gastrointestinal fact, but there is no truth in it. It is said that decrease in nutrients reduces the amount of food and the time passes with elastic stomach to fill it with less food.

It is ridiculous to read the next thing, in reality it is really ridiculous. According to specialists, the specialist is sure to have rubber-like features and can change its size, which helps digestive food and food Helps survive during non-availability.

But it is also true that after breaking the normal quantity after eating it, it comes back in its previous shape and yes, it may not be small if you start eating very little, but it keeps growing small. According to research, every person is different from each other, some fat and some thin, but all have the same volume as they are. According to the same research, the body stores the calories in the appropriate amount for its functions, whether the food is very low.

The size of the stomach is the same, even though the weight of the air can be shredded with less food, it means that it should be spread from more food, but it does not happen, according to a study published in the medical journal Gastroenterology. Regardless of all, the stomach of each one is equally similar.

If you still suspect, imagine that your body is designed for calories in a proper amount so that they can continue their work, even when food is not available at all times, it is better to believe that By eating less food does not shrink, but in fact, when a person eats less, it feels more hungry, because he feels that food is falling short and the increase of hunger hormone increases so that it can be seen in front of it. Breaking the mouth will become difficult. During the body temperature and metabolic return slowly, precious energy can be saved.

Why is it too harmful to decrease the amount of food?
Medical experts have to say that reducing their diet does not compromise the gut but it can cause obesity, because when the body comes back to normal diet, the body feels more hungry, and the person feels eating more than usual. If you want to reduce physical weight through dying, it needs to be gradually decreased in order to reduce the body suddenly.

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